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Introducing Your Fredericton Chiropractic Team

Dr. Glenn Johnston (“Doc”)

Fredericton Chiropractors

Fredericton Chiropractors, Dr. Aaron Johnston and Dr. Glenn Johnston

I always thought back trouble and Chiropractic involved “older” folks until, at 16, I suffered a lower back injury, and, at the insistence of my Dad, visited a Chiropractor for the first time. After several visits, I had improved and was back playing sports and doing what active 16 year-olds normally do. As time went on, I got friendlier with my Chiropractor and he started “gently” steering my thinking towards Chiropractic as a career. I eventually chose to follow this career path and enrolled in Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, graduating in December of 1967. I have been practicing in Fredericton since 1969 and was joined by our son, Dr. Aaron after he graduated from PCC in 1997.

My Chiropractor’s son was enrolled in Palmer and that was a good enough endorsement for me. After entering Palmer, I soon realized how intensive and diverse the Chiropractic education is. I’m not sure what I expected but I sure did get my eyes opened!! I especially enjoyed technique, adjusting, clinic and x-ray classes. I guess you could say that these represent the “meat & potatoes” of the Chiropractic education.

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Dr. Aaron Johnston (aka “Dr. Aaron”)

I was introduced to a natural wellness lifestyle from birth. I really never knew anything different and I’m grateful for the opportunity both my parents have given me regarding my health. Natural childbirth is tough enough but I required the help of forceps so my birth was even more traumatic than most. I was checked and gently adjusted so my spine and nerve system could develop without interference at three months of age.

I also remember it being a bit different around home than some of my friends’ houses, especially when it came to food! I was told refined sugars were ‘poison’ and was only allowed to have natural cereals. I remember the Saturday morning cartoons had me asking for “Count Chocula” which was adamantly denied! Also, when I was sick with a fever, nausea, headache or the like, I was adjusted. That will seem weird I suppose because most people are used to drug therapy and surgery promoted within the medical model. Now science and research has begun to catch up as there is now mounting evidence as to how chiropractic adjustment and wellness movement and nutrition leads to balance and homeostasis in people.

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Meet Nicole Anderson, RMT

nicoleBeing an active and athletic person my entire life, I have always been interested in anatomy and how the body works. This led me to a certificate in Health, Wellness and Recreation management and working in the fitness industry.

I then had the opportunity to play competitive volleyball at St. Thomas University. It was during my time at St. Thomas University that I was introduced to massage therapy as a client. Being a full time student and a competitive athlete with a very busy and demanding schedule, was taxing not only physically but mentally as well. This made my self-care routine a very important part of my training.

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