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Cox Technique

Fredericton Chiropractic Techniques

Here at Johnston Chiropractic, we are privileged to have a Cox Decompression table. Here is how it works:

Cox® Technique (aka flexion-distraction or F/D) relieves back and leg pain and neck and arm pain. Disc herniation and/or spinal stenosis may be the cause of pain. Or simple arthritis or a back sprain may be the culprit.

Alternatives To Surgery

Cox® Technique is a gentle, non-surgical, chiropractic technique. 95% of back pain and neck pain patients DO NOT require surgery.

Cox® Technique is a safe alternative to back surgery. It is also appropriate for failed back surgery patients who still suffer after surgery.

Cox Before - Pain

Before – Pain

Proven Results with Cox Technique

Cox® Technique is a well-researched, well-referenced chiropractic spinal adjusting technique with over 90+ articles in medical and chiropractic journals.

Cox® Technique stops pain and restores ranges of motion inherent to the spine while reducing low back pain, especially in radiculopathy (pain that travels in legs or arms) patients. And, it works even better than active exercise therapy.

Cox After - No Pain

After – No Pain

Our Care, Tailored to You


During the procedure on this instrument, the patient lies on their stomach while the treating physician concentrates on one vertebral motion segment at a time. The goal is to reduce stenotic effects (pressure on the spinal cord or spinal nerves) by dropping the pressure within the disc, thus allowing disc reduction, increasing the size of the foramen from which the spinal nerve exits the spine, and lowering pressure on the exiting nerve.

While concentrating on the low back, the doctor may use the instrument’s caudal (the part the legs lie on) section to allow lateral and circular motion which returns normal motion to the spine with reduced pain. The cervical spine (the neck) can be treated similarly using the cervical portion of the Cox® table. This type of care is useful for pain, tingling and numbness in the arms and hands (upper extremity radiculopathy).

Cox Flexion Distraction In The News

You will be amazed by how gentle and effective chiropractic can be! Give us a call at (506) 450-0600 to book your appointment and see for yourself how your life can change with Chiropractic.

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