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Meet Dr. Glenn Johnston (aka “Doc”)

Fredericton Chiropractor Dr. Glenn Johnston

Dr. Glenn Johnston

I always thought back trouble and chiropractic involved “older” folks until, at 16, I suffered a lower back injury, and, at the insistence of my dad, visited a chiropractor for the first time. After several visits, I had improved and was back playing sports and doing what active 16 year-olds normally do.

As time went on, I got friendlier with my chiropractor and he started “gently” steering my thinking towards chiropractic as a career. I eventually chose to follow this career path and enrolled in Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, graduating in December of 1967. I have been practicing in Fredericton since 1969 and was joined by our son, Dr. Aaron after he graduated from PCC in 1997.

My chiropractor’s son was enrolled in Palmer and that was a good enough endorsement for me. After entering Palmer, I soon realized how intensive and diverse the chiropractic education is. I’m not sure what I expected but I sure did get my eyes opened!! I especially enjoyed technique, adjusting, clinic and x-ray classes. I guess you could say that these represent the “meat & potatoes” of the chiropractic education.

My Philosophy on Health & Chiropractic

Fredericton Chiropractor Dr. Glenn Johnston

Dr. Glenn Johnston – 63 Years Young!

I guess I’d have to say that my chiropractic philosophy has changed in the last few years. The education we received in the ’60s was basically a pain relief approach and that is the type of practice I developed over the next 30 years. In the most recent past we have developed an interest in Chiropractic Biophysics, which is a structural and postural chiropractic method. There is abundant scientific research that indicates that poor posture leads to poor health, so correcting postural deviations goes much farther than simply getting pain relief. In other words, if the posture can be improved, not only will the patient experience symptomatic improvement, but will have a much more stable structure which will be less susceptible to the stresses we experience every day. So the decisions concerning the type of care we deliver are often made by the patient. Some people are happy with simple pain relief, but most will opt for structural and postural improvement as a more permanent and long-lasting accomplishment.

On a Personal Note

Fredericton Chiropractor, Dr. Glenn Johnston

Doc and his wife, Midge

I’ve been married for over 36 years to a wonderful lady, Midge. We have Dr. Aaron, who practices with me in Fredericton and a daughter, Lindsay, who is presently in her 6th year teaching school in Taiwan. We visited Lindsay in Taichung this past Christmas and had a wonderful experience. I have been an active Rotarian for almost 30 years and also am an active Shriner. I enjoy golf, salmon fishing, billiards and walking. I try to walk about 4km every morning. I enjoy puttering in the yard….our home has a beautiful view of the Saint John River.

I have been enjoying chiropractic care since I was a teenager….presently I get adjusted weekly. I think walking is one of the best exercises there is and I also believe we have to be very careful about what we put into our bodies. I tell patients “it’s what you are doing today that will determine your state of well-being in 15 years.” I think we live in an over medicated world of both legal and illegal drugs which is having a devastating effect on our society. People are sick, over-weight, out of shape and miserable….a lot of it due to their life-style choices.

Welcome to our site and thanks for visiting. I hope we can be of service to you, your family or friends. Give our clinic a call or click here to email me…we’d be happy to do a spinal and postural assessment and give you an opinion as to your health options. In the meantime, eat healthy food and think happy thoughts!!