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Meet Dr. Aaron Johnston (aka “Dr. Aaron”)

Fredericton Chiropractor, Dr. Aaron Johnston

Dr. Aaron Johnston

I was introduced to a natural wellness lifestyle from birth. I really never knew anything different and I’m grateful for the opportunity both my parents have given me regarding my health. Natural childbirth is tough enough but I required the help of forceps so my birth was even more traumatic than most. I was checked and gently adjusted so my spine and nerve system could develop without interference at three months of age.

I also remember it being a bit different around home than some of my friends’ houses, especially when it came to food! I was told refined sugars were ‘poison’ and was only allowed to have natural cereals. I remember the Saturday morning cartoons had me asking for “Count Chocula” which was adamantly denied! Also, when I was sick with a fever, nausea, headache or the like, I was adjusted. That will seem weird I suppose because most people are used to drug therapy and surgery promoted within the medical model. Now science and research has begun to catch up as there is now mounting evidence as to how chiropractic adjustment and wellness movement and nutrition leads to balance and homeostasis in people.

Fredericton Chiropractor, Dr. Aaron Johnston

Dr. Aaron bouldering in California!

Chiropractic as a Career

I chose chiropractic as a career simply because of how I saw my father living his life. I can actually say that I’ve never seen him mentally stressed about much of anything especially his work. Interestingly enough I was only taught a natural wellness indirectly by the lifestyle choices we made as a family and had very little knowledge of chiropractic until I interviewed for Chiropractic College at Palmer. I especially liked Physical Diagnosis, Radiology and was inspired by Dr. Schimp my NMS professor. Neurology and Musculoskeletal Diagnosis stimulated my desire to learn more about especially Neurology and so I soon started my Fellowship in Neurology. I’m now eligible and waiting to write my Diplomate in Neurology examination.

On a Personal Note…

Fredericton Chiropractor, Dr. Aaron Johnston

Dr. Aaron snowboarding in Switzerland.

I love athletics and physical activities. I played hockey both at college and spent a year in the minors playing semi-pro. I’ve since ‘hung’em up’ as I enjoy snowboarding, skiing and swimming far more in the winter. Other times of the year I enjoy surfing in the ocean off the coast of NS and at other destinations around the world. I do resistance exercises with the staff most every morning and run wind sprints with my two Dobermans Carlos and Heike at lunch time. No matter how much I train they’re still faster!

I’ve received and believe in advocating select vaccinations and have never had antibiotics or prescription drugs in my body. I find that the best way to keep healthy and stay healthy is to eat well, work hard at exercise daily and get adjusted regularly. The body has the innate ability to stay balanced and does not require drugs to fend off chronic illnesses.

Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Give our office a call, or click here to email me and let’s arrange a time to explore your options.

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