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Meet Nicole Armstrong, RMT

Active Lifestyle

nicoleBeing an active and athletic person my entire life, I have always been interested in anatomy and how the body works. This led me to a certificate in Health, Wellness and Recreation management and working in the fitness industry.

I then had the opportunity to play competitive volleyball at St. Thomas University. It was during my time at St. Thomas University that I was introduced to massage therapy as a client. Being a full time student and a competitive athlete with a very busy and demanding schedule, was taxing not only physically but mentally as well. This made my self-care routine a very important part of my training.

After a repetitive shoulder injury hindered my volleyball performance, I turned to massage therapy as part of my self-care and rehabilitation. Having great success with my therapist and treatments, I began to realize how much of an impact massage therapy could have on an individual’s daily life. Whether you are a competitive athlete or just an individual that is dealing with acute or chronic discomfort, massage therapy is a great modality to introduce into your routine.

Becoming a Massage Therapist

After finishing my Bachelor of Arts degree at St Thomas University and moving out into the work force I came to realize that massage therapy was the right path for me. I enrolled in the Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage, here in Fredericton. I completed my diploma in Massage Therapy with honours and a certificate in Sports Massage. This program provided not only academic knowledge but also hands on experience working with a variety of clients in many different situations.

I have come to realize that massage therapy is the career path I was meant to follow. I love being able to help people live the best life they can and knowing that I can have a positive impact on their quality of life makes this job so fulfilling for me. Having a client come in with an extra spring in their step after a treatment with me, saying that they feel even just a bit better than they did before makes this career so rewarding.

If you think massage therapy is the right path for you and your health, please contact the clinic to set up an appointment with me. Hope to see you soon!